• Hannah Germain

Chair's Report 2019

October 2018 saw a 200% increase in active OUSGG members – the 100th year of OUSGG was off to a good start!

In Michaelmas, we did a treasure hunt around the city centre, and a walk through Port Meadow. There was also pumpkin carving, firework artwork, sparklers, cake decorating and Oxmas origami. The highlight for me, after five years in Oxford, was actually finding some of the colleges I’ve only ever heard of before. Getting back from Port Meadow in the dark, down some lost and scary footpaths, was another source of excitement.

In Hilary term, we made penguins, photo frames, and other room decorations, and tried a selection of international foods. We sewed badges onto our camp blankets, learned about dragon training*, and made pancakes. We also tried to go ice skating, but ended up just eating ice cream instead.

So far in Trinity, we have explored labyrinths and completed coded spy missions at a board games evening.

*Sadly, we did not get to meet any actual dragons, but we did watch the How to Train Your Dragon film.