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Chair's Report 2015

Having signed up to OUSGG way back in Freshers’ Week of my first year, I’ve found that OUSGG has been as regular part of my Oxford experience as gowns, tutorials and long hours in the library. It was under the influence of multiple pints from the Loose Cannon brewery tour that I volunteered as club Secretary, a position that has gradually morphed into Chair!

Over the past two years OUSGG has continued to thrive despite us being a little short on members at times! In 2014, we celebrated our 95th Anniversary with a rather grand affair at

Somerville and we will be holding our 96th Annual Dinner this year (thanks Shell!) at the Ashmolean. Easter Trips and Winter Walking have also been successful. Our weekly activities have ranged from murder mystery and ice skating to seeing the Oxford Imps and going star gazing at Port Meadow.

I’ll be leaving the group in the very capable hands of Danni, Matthew, Hannah, Lizzie and Katherine - who also currently make up much of the membership base at the moment!

Best of luck to them for the future success of OUSGG!


Chair, 2014/15